Darnell Baker's Portfolio

Soo Shady Eyewear

Soo Shady Eyewear needed branding, a website, and a small but effective launch campaign within a limited budget.

Campaign Theme for Fulton County Schools

Overview Fulton County Schools located in Atlanta, GA was experiencing a disturbing increase in mental health issues among its students, including a tragic rise in student suicides. As a result, the school system decided to develop a unique program to enable students to reach out for help from licensed clinicians confidentially. I spearheaded the design […]

Marketing with Drip

Specializing in social media marketing and content development, Social Drip looks to be the premiere digital marketing company in today’s industry.

AquOm Brand Logo

Tasked with redesigning and developing the brand identity for AquOm, a company that aims to use all-natural, organic, and non-toxic polymers to reduce inorganic nutrients in public waterways and oceans.