Darnell Baker's Portfolio


Aiming to be the flagship source for chic and stylish designer sunglasses and frames for women. Soo Shady Eyewear wanted to test the market small but effective campaign within a limited budget. Following best design practices, I developed a minimum viable brand, product photography, e-commerce website, strategized marketing campaign including social media assets and motion visuals. Soo Shady Eyewear generated over $7,000 in revenue in their first 30 days after launch.

Client: Soo Shady Eyewear
Date: August 2017
Role: Sole Creative
Duration: 2 weeks

The Logic

Modern, clean, sleek, and intriguing were key takeaways we discovered the client’s and market’s vison aligned in regards to branding.

We aimed to evoke beautiful and classy simultaneously; we incorporated that feeling into the brand font and elements. We also wanted to evoke a happy/bright/warm feeling to play on a slight need for “shade.”


Almost Got Arrested

I scheduled and directed a cost-effective, lifestyle photoshoot for the client. I was able to leverage a friend’s tenancy at a luxury apartment complex as a free location but it was quickly cut short by property management and law enforcement. Hey – we have to do what we have to do to grab the content right?! Fortunately, they let us pack up and leave and I was able to develop a few pieces of awesome content from a small collection of b-roll footage I captured during the shoot.

The client also planned to participate in vendor opportunities and requested a branded tag that could be installed on the packaging/product.