Darnell Baker's Portfolio


Fulton County Schools located in Atlanta, GA was experiencing a disturbing increase in mental health issues among its students, including a tragic rise in student suicides. As a result, the school system decided to develop a unique program to enable students to reach out for help from licensed clinicians confidentially.

I spearheaded the design and development of separate targeted campaigns for middle and high school students of Fulton County Schools to support the program. Leading a team consisting of one other designer and a copywriter, we developed many concept drafts for this campaign. The campaigns included internal and external communication plans, turnkey ambassador/community partnership program options, and a compelling signage and marketing toolkit.

Client: Fulton County Schools
Date: August 2019
Role: Lead Visual Designer
Duration: 1 month

High School Campaign

With the feedback received from the program committee, I defined that I wanted to send a clear message but keep the designs appealing and “cool” enough for high school-aged students. I used bright colored gradients, textures, and large standout text to capture the attention of students. We chose imagery of high school aged youth to evoke relatability.¬†

Middle School Campaign

Taking our research from our discovery and speaking with middle school-aged youth, we wanted to develop something relatable and eye-catching in order to grab their attention and send a clear message. We decided to incorporate the use of emojis in our design since they were being so widely used by the youth of that age range. The graphics below are what we developed and the client loved them.