Darnell Baker's Portfolio

Hi! I'm Darnell, a multi-faceted creative based in Atlanta, Georgia. My creative approach emphasizes research, testing, and collaboration to meet business goals and user needs.

My experience includes leading design initiatives for some of the most renown brands in the world.


A New Web Presence
for Westlake

In this project, our client desired a modern and sophisticated revamp of their online presence, transitioning from their current design to a sleek, contemporary look. Equally vital was their need for a seamless resource organization system to facilitate user access. Additionally, they wanted to implement a user-centered parts catalog to cater to specific audience preferences. This project offered a unique opportunity to transform the company’s digital identity and elevate the user experience.


A Design System
and Website for Bongo

In this compelling UI+UX design project, I was contracted with a visionary company utilizing AI facial technology to uncover profound human truths through anonymous interviews. My mission was twofold: to craft a cutting-edge, intuitive user interface that seamlessly integrated AI capabilities and to create and develop a robust design system.


A Web Redesign
Solution for OneSolution

OneSolution, a manufacturer sales agency, felt their website was a bit ‘stale.’ My goal was to research and design a responsive website to enhance user engagement and conversion rates while delivering a visually appealing and intuitive interface. 


New VIS, POP Assets, and Jumbotrons for CFA

As an Art Director with Chik-Fil-A , I led a team of 3 designers and a project manager in support of Chik-Fil-A’s in-house agency.

Projects included a brand refresh, designing and leading POP campaigns, marketing initiatives, storyboarding and animation, and content creation for stakeholders and key partners.