Darnell Baker's Portfolio


A Dashboard & Website for Bongo Media


In this compelling UI+UX design project, I was contracted with a visionary company utilizing AI facial technology to uncover profound human truths through anonymous interviews. My mission was twofold: to craft a cutting-edge, intuitive user interface that seamlessly integrated AI capabilities and to create and develop a robust design system.

Some key aspects can not be shown due to NDA and proprietary obligations.

Challenge + Solution

The primary goal for this research and design project was to enhance user engagement and conversion rates while delivering a visually appealing and intuitive interface. Through extensive user research, iterative design, and usability testing, I successfully revamped the website, resulting in a 30% increase in user engagement and a 20% boost in conversion rates


In the process of developing personas and user flows for this project, we embarked on a comprehensive journey to understand our audience deeply. By crafting detailed user personas, we honed in on the diverse needs and expectations of potential interviewees. Simultaneously, creating intricate user flows allowed us to map out the entire interview process, optimizing the UI for a seamless integration of AI facial technology while safeguarding user anonymity.

This holistic approach ensured that the UI not only met the unique needs of our personas but also facilitated intuitive, privacy-centric, and engaging user experiences.


My wireframing process involved a comprehensive analysis of the incumbent website’s layout and content. Subsequently, I meticulously crafted wireframes that preserved the site’s most efficacious components while introducing refinements in a visually streamlined manner. 

These low-fidelity mockups underwent iterative refinement cycles, informed by invaluable user feedback, aligning the design harmoniously with the company’s strategic objectives and catering precisely to the nuanced preferences of the


As Lead UI designer, my role was to transform prebuilt wireframes into captivating and functional user interfaces. I  crafted each element, harmonizing visual aesthetics, typography, color schemes, and interactive components to breathe life into the wireframes. 

The result was a visually engaging and user-friendly interface that translated seamlessly from concept to reality, enhancing the overall user experience.

From Atoms to Organisms

I undertook the task of building out an atomic design system from scratch. Through meticulous organization of design elements into atoms, molecules, and organisms, I established a flexible and cohesive system. This framework not only ensured design consistency but also empowered efficient scaling and adaptation of the UI, setting the foundation for a visually harmonious and user-friendly digital ecosystem.


Although this project is still undergoing development, I believe it exemplified my dedication to shaping technology for the betterment of human understanding and empathy, with a strong emphasis on building a versatile design system to ensure design consistency and scalability. 

I prioritized user privacy and engagement, fostering trust and transparency while facilitating the discovery of genuine human insights within an anonymous framework.