Darnell Baker's Portfolio

Mental Health Campaign for
Fulton County Schools

Fulton County Schools, located in Atlanta, GA was experiencing a disturbing increase in mental health issues among its students, including a tragic rise in student suicides. As a result, the school system decided to develop a unique program to enable students to reach out for help from licensed clinicians confidentially.

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In 2019, I spearheaded the design and development of separate targeted campaigns for middle and high school students of Fulton County Schools to support the program. Leading a team consisting of one other designer and a copywriter, we developed many concept drafts for this campaign. The campaigns included internal and external communication plans, turnkey ambassador/community partnership program options, and a compelling signage and marketing toolkit




Target Audiences


Design Iterations


Design Hours



With the feedback received from the program committee, I defined that we wanted to send a clear message but keep the designs appealing and “cool” enough for high school-aged students.


I used bright colored gradients, textures, and large standout text to capture the attention of students. We chose imagery of high school aged youth to evoke relatability.

Card Sort

Through three card-sorting sessions, I was able to gain invaluable insights into user preferences and behaviors, informing website structure and content strategy. 

As a result, I optimized user engagement, leading to a more user-friendly website, improved customer satisfaction, and increased conversions.

market Analysis

During a comparative analysis for an agent or sales rep locator tools on similar websites, I found State Farm’s Agent Tool particularly noteworthy for its ease of use and simplicity. Inspired by its effective design, I pinned this concept, possibly incorporating certain aspects of the tool into my own.


Users needed a more seamless and modern experience with a simplified sales rep locater; while the stakeholders needed to build trust and increase qualified leads through the site.


After joining the project post the UX team’s user research and wireframing phases, I seamlessly integrated into the design process. Leveraging their insights, I refined the wireframes into visually compelling UI designs while ensuring alignment with the company’s brand identity and user expectations. 


My wireframing process involved a comprehensive analysis of the incumbent website’s layout and content. Subsequently, I meticulously crafted wireframes that preserved the site’s most efficacious components while introducing refinements in a visually streamlined manner. 

These low-fidelity mockups underwent iterative refinement cycles, informed by invaluable user feedback, aligning the design harmoniously with the company’s strategic objectives and catering precisely to the nuanced preferences of the end-users.

Design and Iteration

During the usability testing phase, I initiated the process by carefully curating a group of representative users drawn from our core demographic. I then meticulously crafted realistic scenarios that closely emulated typical user interactions with both the ‘Local Rep Search’ functionality and the broader website interface.


Conducting guided testing sessions, I closely observed and documented users’ interactions, collecting their feedback, and identifying pain points and areas for improvement. This data-driven approach provided a solid foundation for iterative refinement, a process through which the design and functionality were continually honed to optimally align with user needs and expectations. This phase sets the stage for a detailed elaboration of the wireframes

"We just want to sincerely thank Darnell for his hard-work and dedication he has put into redesigning the company website. We love it, we think it looks great, and he's greatly appreciated."

– CEO of OneSolution


The culmination of this project marked a resounding success. In the web design refresh, we accomplished the creation of a modern, user-centric website that proficiently conveyed the essence of the company’s brand. Simultaneously, it delivered an intuitive and highly accessible online experience, leading to a notable enhancement in user engagement and a substantial upswing in conversion rates.

The implementation of the ‘Find Your Rep’ functionality not only streamlined users’ capacity to connect with their local representatives but also yielded a substantial surge in user engagement and satisfaction. I firmly believe that my methodological process and execution serve as a testament to my unwavering dedication to user-centered design, successfully bridging the gap between business objectives and the discerning needs of our users

With great satisfaction, I was able to successfully meet and exceed the design needs and goals outlined in the beginning of the project.