Darnell Baker's Portfolio


Brand Logo for AquOm


I was tasked with redesigning and developing the brand identity for AquOm, a company that aims to use all-natural, organic, and non-toxic polymers harvested from the ocean in order to reduce inorganic nutrients in public waterways and oceans. 


After an in-depth kickoff call with stakeholders, I began exploring ways to seamlessly integrate elements to convey a sense of balance and tranquility, coupled with symbolic representations of natural water bodies.

Based on the client’s budget, I crafted a total of (3) concepts for the client to choose a final from.

"Wow! On the first try. We love Concept 2."


It looks as if the stakeholders were pleased. The feedback resulted just a few small iterations but they loved Concept 2! My next step was to take the final design and build out a basic brand guideline.